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Latest stable release

Stable releases are available from SourceForge.

Maven 2 releases

Add this in your pom.xml and run mvn compile or mvn install. Replace VERSION with the latest version.

        <name>Spring rich client repository</name>

Warning: The current repostory, at SourceForge, disconnects quite often on large files, so you might need to rerun the maven command several times...

Note: If you are using spring-richclient in multiple modules, make use of dependencyManagement.

Nightly builds (unstable)

There are 2 ways to get a nightly build

  • The latest snapshots are sometimes available in the snapshot repository.

    You can also configure this in your pom.xml if like to live on the edge (and shoot yourself in the foot).

  • You can build the latest snapshots from source (RECOMMENDED).

    Checkout spring-richclient from the source repository, build it with mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install and then optionally deploy it to your internal repo if other team members need it:

    mvn -Dmaven.skip.test -DaltDeploymentRepository=myOwn::default::scp://myRepoIp/myRepoPath deploy

    This way you'll only update to the latest snapshot when you're ready (and have read the upgrading guide). More information in the the development guide.

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